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On Friday, I took the boys to the library to return and pick up books.

We usually head straight back to the children’s section and I let Jake pick out 5 books and then 2 movies. Usually that means Jake partially pulls out a book and I read the title to him. It is hit and miss whether it is an age appropriate book he will enjoy. I generally will pull out one book that he will like. This week it was a Curious George book which is always a winner.

One of the books Jake picked out was Saying Goodbye to Lulu by Corinne Demas. I should have immediately known what it was about. No, I just started reading it to him. Spoiler: It is about a sick old dog that dies and a little girl has to say goodbye.

It is a great book to help a child deal with the grief of loosing a pet, it isn’t exactly what I would have chosen for a bedtime book. I tried to leave it out of the books I grabbed for bedtime, but then was asked where the doggie book was.

Curious George, Dr. Seuss, Goodnight Moon, and a book about a dead dog. Can’t believe he didn’t wake up with nightmares!

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6 Responses to Your Pick

  1. I’m so glad he didn’t wake with nightmares either!! He was probably thinking the whole time “look at that cute little puppy.”

    Just saw one of your tweets on the right, I have the 1st gen ipad, love it b/c I can have so many different kinds of ereaders on it, also my state is apart of an eLibrary, yours probably is too

  2. Jaime says:

    Aww, I cannot wait til Jackson’s old enough to understand how the library works & pick out his own books. I wonder if I should get him started now?

  3. we were downtown near the library tonight and the girls were very bummed to find out it was closed…have to get down there when it is open soon!

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