Not the Same

This post is part of James& Weekend Reading BlogHop. Join in and tell us what you are reading or reading your kids or just want to share about reading/books.


A few weeks ago I wrote about how I devoured The Bronzehorseman by Paullina Simons and how excited I was that it was part of a series.

So, I picked up Tatiana and Alexander: A Novel. I am about half way through it. Its  good, but just not as good. It is almost as if Simons took what was too much for the first book and chopped that up along with current happenings. The story keeps jumping from the past to the present. Still easy to follow, just the hunger and thirst of forbidden love and new love from the first story doesn’t carry over all that well.

Though I am enjoying this book I don’t find myself making extra time to read it. I still have two more weeks till its due back to the library and I think I will take my time. I am very interested in the characters and definitely want to see what becomes of them. There is a third book that I will probably read too.

Oh, and the book about the dead dog from last week. Jake still likes it and frequently requests it at bedtime. We might need to make an early trip to the library so we can check something else out. I don’t  like reading it!

Happy reading!

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5 Responses to Not the Same

  1. “Easy Street” is my toddler’s current favorite book. I am reading “Julie and Julia” when I have the time. Finding it hard to read right now with NaNoWriMo.

  2. Jaime says:

    Oh yuck, I hate when the second book of a series isn’t on par with the first book.

  3. love to hear what you are reading!!! I just told my mother-in-law about the 1st book and we plan on reading it. Just found my library doesn’t have it, but I can borrow it from a few libraries in MI, so yeah for that!!!

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