Crochet Along

So, I am a sucker for craft projects. The other day I was goofing around looking for a fun quick project when I stumbled upon DDs Darlings blog. 

Last week she started a mystery crochet along. A craft project that I can start and work on at my leisure that is a mystery…um… YES PLEASE!

So, I eagerly finished the first portion 

Hehe, Nick sneaked in for the photo

Now I am part of the way through week two.

Who knows if I am doing it correctly. I am having fun though and am looking forward to figuring out what this will become.

So, if you crochet and want to start a mystery project head on over!

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3 Responses to Crochet Along

  1. I can crochet a straight line. So if anyone needs a leash for their toy poodle, I might be able to fix you up!

  2. I wish I knew how!! My Busha (grandma) who past away when I was still in HS made me some very pretty things that I still cherish

    • It is easy to learn, and anytime is a good time. Pick up a crochet magazine, most have illustrated guides in the back about how to start, get a skein of yarn and a hook and you are all set! A hobby that can take $10 or less to start. 😀

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