The last two nights Jake has been having some vivid dreams.

Two nights ago he woke up crying that he wanted to go to the zoo and see the animals. Something that is on my list, but now that he is 3 we have to pay for him. Season pass here we come. It is only $5 more for a year’s membership vs. one day entry. If you live near San Diego, make sure you check out the zoo. It is amazing!

Last night he woke up and came into our bedroom saying we needed to catch the fish in his room and bring them back to the ocean. We do not own a fish tank. Over and over, “We need to catch the fish Mama”

Side note: Since, Nick now says “Mama” and “Dada” Jake started to call me Mama sometimes.

He woke hubby up too and when he went up to go to the restroom, Jake asked “is Daddy catching the fish?”

Jake is still sleeping, but I am very curious if he will ask about the fish this morning.

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3 Responses to Dreams

  1. It’s always fascinating to me when my kids get old enough to share their dreams with me.

  2. My DS’ dreams are so very interesting, sometimes I get insight into his worries and sometimes I get a good chuckle. Please keep us updated, I’m curious if this will reoccur or just be forgotten

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