Reading…what is that?

This post is part of James& Weekend Reading BlogHop. Join in, tell us what you or your family is reading.

Reading, hmmm, I think I remember what that is like. These last two weeks have not been  kind to me or my reading interests.

I realized a few days before Thanksgiving that I had about 8 magazines that I had not read yet. So, I made a stack on my nightstand. I have perused a few of them. I found a great recipe for Sweet Potato Spoon Bread from Better Homes & Garden (I get it for free). I was brave and tried a new recipe for Thanksgiving. I really liked it, but Jake said it was “disgusting!” and a few days later in left-overs land I found out hubby wasn’t a big fan either. Oh well, Nick and I liked it. 😀 I should base all my cooking decisions on what my 10 month old likes. Mashed banana at every meal!

Wow, I get off topic quick!

Last week the boys and I headed to the library. Jake got three more books. One of which is Richard Scarry’s Animal Nursery Tails (Holy crow, just looked that up on Amazon and they have new copies for $125 each). He is really liking the Gingerbread Man story. I forgot how much I like Richard Scarry books.

I am still reading George Bush’s book. I might never finish…slowly but surely I am getting though it. I still have some magazines to read too. Although I am less interested in reading about summer time ideas now that it is cold out.

I hope all of you are able to get some time to sit back and read a good book soon!


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2 Responses to Reading…what is that?

  1. sayitrahshay says:

    My week has also not involved as much reading as I would like! I think I will grab a bunch of magazines and indulge.

  2. I cant even think about all the books I have on my shelves or waiting in my ipod or all the books I want to buy/borrow, OMG, NOT enough time in the day!!! Of course this is the wrong time of year for me to get the kind of reading in that I like. I simply have to enjoy what I am reading, even if it is only a few pages a day. I love getting good book ideas for my oldest son, he’s 5, so please continue to share what you are reading to your kids, love it!!

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