Good Morning! Well, good day I guess. This is the internet, you could be reading this anytime you like. 🙂

So, I am continuing to battle myself. Slowly, the last few weeks my weight has crept up. It scares me! I am slipping into my bad habits. I am trying to treat my stress with food. Somehow, it is not working. I can’t imagine why a piece of chocolate is not making me less stressed out. It always seems like a good idea before I eat it.

I have been incredibly stressed out lately. My three year old is testing his limits. Things he had stopped doing he is re-visiting. Climbing on the counters to cause mayhem. Yesterday, I spent at least 30 minutes on two different occasions hanging out in the kitchen so he wouldn’t climb on the counters. Saturday, he found my container of coffee grounds and decided to “let it snow” coffee in with my spices and on the counter. I swear, he takes every opportunity that I am nursing as a chance to get into trouble. He is “adventuresome”.

Also, lately my hubby has been working a lot. In the last week two nights he was away and one night he didn’t make it home till past 1 am. I so look forward to the times he is home. I know long and crazy hours is not restricted to military life, but I do yearn for the day that we might be able to live on a more normal schedule. Not only to I like seeing my hubby, he also helps me with the boys.

Today, I read a post by another blogger James & Jax about her crazy weekend and how she felt like a mommy failure. I know 100% how she feels. I was also, a bit jealous of her though. At one point during her rough weekend she was able to call up her mother and hang out at her house. I wish we lived on the same coast as our families. I wish I could call up my mom and say, “Hey Mom, having a rough day. Can I drop off the boys for an hour?” The possibilities seem marvelous to me.

Enough with my excuses! Today is a fresh day. Its only 9:00 am, but I am on track with my points. I will do better today!!!

How do you manage your stress? I NEED your tricks!

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8 Responses to Up

  1. Sometimes we just have to get out of the house for awhile. It breaks up the day. Doesn’t matter where we go. If the sun is shining, we bundle up and go for a walk.

  2. Jaime says:

    I agree with becomingcliche that getting out of the house helps. But sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to do it–and I have only one kid!

    I’m sorry you’re having a rough patch. Wish I could help you. Wanna trade kids for a bit? haha

  3. I love the fact that you are noticing that after eatting the chocolate you don’t feel better. Not that you don’t feel better, that part stinks!! But for me realizing that putting bad for me food in my belly often made me feel worse was a huge point in my healthy journey. I hope you can hang onto that memory and let it catapult you into a whole new era

    I know what you mean about the DH not being around, mine is a musician and he is gone every weekend, it’s hard!! My family isn’t across the country but they are across the state and I can’t go there in the afternoon for help either. Going out isn’t always an option for me. Sometimes for me when things get totally crazy, I take a minute mommy break, breathe and change my activity and theirs before getting back to what I was doing. In the end my tasks tasks take tens time as long, which is what we get used to right 🙂 but calmer heads prevail

    Hope your DS is making better choices today!!

  4. mommasmeals says:

    Hey momma!
    The one thing I always say to myself on bad days (And trust me I have plenty and I only have one child also) “This too shall pass” I also battle with my weight since I’m a very emotional person and I use food for comfort as well. I have a very supportive Hubs but he does work alot too. Sounds like you need to put the kiddo’s to bed one night soon and snuggle with your hunny, that’s what I do when we can. I also agree with the others, getting out helps A LOT, we go to the grocery store at least twice a week if not more, just because it breaks up the day and gives my DD something to do (besides make a mess of the house) My family is an hour away on both sides I don’t have many options on a bad day either. Just know your not alone. I know it always makes me feel better when I know other momma’s have bad days like me so I don’t feel so alone. I’m starting off this new year promising that I’ll loose this weight by Spring, change my habits and get active again. I cook healthy but I haven’t been active since I had my DD. It’s hard, you get 30 min to yourself and the last thing you want to do is workout!! LOL….So here is to a new year momma, your doing great!

    • Reading your comment made me smile. I know how you feel with the 30 min to yourself. The weather was rainy lately where I am, but finally it was sunny yesterday and I loaded the kids in the stroller and took them for a run/walk. Being out of the house does make the day better. Good luck to us in the coming year! 😀

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