We arrived back home last night after our whirlwind week trip to visit family and celebrate the holidays.

During our trip we were able to go to Sea World Orlando. Jake kept talking about how much fun he had at “Sea Land”.

Once a year  Sea World offers free admission to military members and their families. They call the program Here’s to the Heroes. I am thankful for this program. We enjoyed the park a lot and would not have otherwise gone. This post is in now way endorsed by or sponsored by Anheuser-Busch.

My brother joined us at the park. It was nice for him to watch the excitement in his nephews faces at the shows and animals. Also, a side bonus for me was photos with my whole family in it.

The Shamu show started shortly after we arrived so we hustled to get to the stadium. Later my brother bought Jake a killer whale. When asked what the killer whale’s name is he quickly responds, “Shampoo.”

Thanks, “Shampoo” for a great day!


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2 Responses to Shampoo

  1. SimplySidney says:

    welcome home to you, your family and shampoo :D, we missed you around here!!

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