In four short weeks I will be the mother of two toddlers. My baby will not be a baby anymore, well, officially.

Nick has been walking now for almost three months, so in part he hasn’t seemed like a baby for a while. At the same time he has only slept through the night once. ONCE, in 11 months and five days only one of those nights had more than a 5 hr stretch of sleep. Needless to say, I heart coffee 😉 .

Yesterday, our house was painted so we went to the zoo. It seemed like the logical thing to do rather than try to stop Jake from trying to go in the back yard all morning and release the hounds. Also, who doesn’t love the zoo? It was the first time that Nick really paid attention to the animals. It was such a joy to watch both my boys eyes fill with their own joy.

So, happy early birthday little guy. I can’t believe almost a whole year has gone by!

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2 Responses to Countdown

  1. Ah man it is hard to see your baby growing up and moving into that new category. My youngest, almost 2 1/2, is growing up so fast, but he still has that happy baby toddler feel. I could just cuddle and squeeze him all day, if I can catch him 😉

    We want them to stay young and I happily use it as an excuse to not have him grow up so fast!!

    Bonus to be able to go to the zoo in the winter time, most of our animals are not even in town anymore 😦

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