You Are So Young

Why do those words irritate me so much? Why do I not want to be “so young”?

Twice in the last week I have gone to get together’s with a lot of new faces. In the course of regular conversation I was asked my age. First off, isn’t it rude to ask a woman’s age? Come on, just leave me alone. I don’t ask how old you are. I don’t care how old you are, to be precise.

Sure, I might have started off my “adult” life by getting married young. Is that so bad. I have been married for almost 7 years (come March). I was married 4 years before we had kids. Yes, there is a chance my oldest will remember when I turn 30, as he will then be 5 1/2.

Why am I so quick to be older, still? I know this is definitely a symptom of a teenager, but now I’m in my late 20’s and I should be happy about it. I should say, “Haha, you are in your not in your 20’s, sucks for you!” Whenever someone says those damn words, “You’re SO young!” It makes me feel as if I’m 15 with two kids and not a clue as to what is going on in the world.

Damn my bangs and smooth skin. Tomorrow I am going to shave my head and get a tattoo on my forehead. Look who is the responsible adult now!

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6 Responses to You Are So Young

  1. Don’t you dare, embrace your youth!! I waited to get married, not till I was 27 and then waited another 6 to have kids. At times I already wish we had not waited so long, I’m going to be pretty old when both my kids get out of HS 🙂

    I’d bet the folks making the comments about your age are a bit jealous, so embrace your age!! Smooth skin, yes they are jeal!! 😀

  2. Nothing wrong with being young. Youth doesn’t mean a lack of wisdom.

  3. miq says:

    Yep. They’re jealous. Sleepless nights, running after toddlers, always bending down to pick stuff up…having kids is for young people. And you look your age!? Of course they’re jealous. Heck, I’m jealous and I am your age.

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