My son is an addict. He gets that look of want in his eyes. Open mouth, breathing hard, reaching out. He can’t get enough bananas in the morning.

It is tricky. He wants to bite off as much as can fit in his tiny mouth at one time, then realize its too much spit some out and then try to feed me. Uh, yum, no thanks!

Ever morning it is like some sort of weird battle, where i have to angle the banana in a manner in which he thinks he is taking a bigger bite than he actually is. If I cut up the banana and give him the pieces it’s an even bigger mess. He tries to shove every piece in his mouth and ends up with squished banana all over him, his clothes, his hair and inevitably me.

Bananas why do you have to taste so good and be so messy?

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4 Responses to Addict

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    OMG!! My neohew is the same way he ate 3 bananas the other day at my house! muah!

  2. Cereal with milk is the bane of my existence. What doesn’t make it to the mouth becomes the artwork.

    • I feel that way when my oldest eats cereal too. Half way through breakfast he is trying to take his shirt off because it got wet. (Damn, where is the rolling of eyes emoticon when you need it?)

  3. sometimes life is about simple pleasures, like seeing how much banana you can stuff in your mouth. For us moms it’s also a balancing act, i.e. teach dear sons how to eat and attempt to not make more laundry to do

    fun stories, u should take videos of his eating habits for his high school graduation party 😉

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