Dear Bed,

I miss you dearly. I long for your soft pillows and warm sheets. My back yearns for your comfort and support.

Don’t fret, hopefully I will not be gone from your side much longer. Two children can only give each other the same cold so many times. One day soon, everyone in my house will be able to breathe through their noses and not need to sleep upright on my chest.

Though, I am warm with a mini-hot box of low-grade fever breathing loudly through their mouth, it does not compare to your lovely comforter.

Keep my space clear, for I shall soon return.

All my love,


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4 Responses to Letter

  1. kitchentutor says:

    Oh heavens… this made me laugh!! I am in a love/hate relationship with my bed right now. I want to be in it so bad but all I do is roll… slowly and grunting… from one side to the other never really sleeping. Needless to say I’m trying to decide whether I’m getting less sleep now or when the baby comes… guess either way it’s out of my hands! Good luck!

    • I always laughed when people would tell me “Sleep now, while you can.” First sleeping now will not help me when my infant arrives, second, I have a fully formed person in my belly who kicks me randomly 😛 I hope you can find a comfy position.

  2. SimplySidney says:

    so cute, but I know your pain these times are not fun
    but like all things in parenting this too shall pass, quickly I hope!!

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