I have been spending way too much time on pinterest. I love it. It makes me have all these grand ideas. Makes me want to make everything prettier. I baked some super yummy cookies, which I found at the Kitchen Tutor,  but had too many in my house. I would have eaten them all had they stayed so, I decided to share them. I didn’t want to just give them in a ziplock bag, and I am all out of paper plates, so voila.


First, have an empty box on hand, and find a large circular object, like this coffee can, trace and cut it out 😉


Cover circle in foil and arrange cookies. Don’t worry if the foil doesn’t look good underneath. They won’t see it.

Grab some tissue paper and lay some Saran wrap over it. Put the cookies inside and wrap up.

If you want you can make a little tag. This is some scrapbook paper. Make a hole with hole punch.

I used ribbon to tie it up. (Please disregard the marker on the table, I did move the Sesame Street place mat 😉 )

This all took less than 5 minutes and made the cookies look cute too.



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4 Responses to Wrapped

  1. I’m going to be making these cookies this week too!!! OMG they look so good!! I’ve been wanting to make them for a bit, but have been waiting for other things in my house to get eatten first!!
    I keep hearing folks talking about pinterest, I have got to check it out
    Your survival snacks look adorable!! So sweet!!

  2. kitchentutor says:

    I’m also up to my neck in Pinterest!! Ah!!!!! Combining that with my crazy nesting and my husband said he feels like he’s living on the set of a HGTV show! Ha! Those cookies have become a staple at our house and there is a slight look of panic on my son’s face when he sees there are less than a handful in the jar:-)

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