How to Make a Turtle Shell

This is what I did on my hump day 😉


Felt (Dark Green, Light Brown, Light Green)                               PolyFil

Brown Fabric                                                                                      Dark Brown Thread

First Measure the back of the person to be turtle-fied.

Next cut out the back, I used a can of soup to make nice rounded edges.







To keep it nice and sturdy I added a layer of brown felt.

Next take another piece of dark green felt and cut it about 1 inch bigger on all sides. The glue shows, but dries invisible.

Next cut out the shapes for the top of the shell. I cut them all out in paper first to make sure I liked the layout. (measurements in inches scratched on the paper)

Cut out felt in light brown, then a little smaller in dark green, and even smaller in light green.

I almost did not do the light green felt, but I liked the added depth.

Now comes the sewing. You could glue it all together, but my kids can be rough with things.

I did not photograph it, but I did sew around the edges of the brown and green felt then sewed lines in it. (if that sounds confusing you can see in a later photo)

Next make the straps. I had this brown fabric in the house. I folded it in half, right side together, sewed all the way down and then turned it right side out.

I sewed the straps on later which was an error. Attach the straps now to the shell to make it easier.

Sew the two shell pieces together, remember to leave a whole to stuff it.

Tada! Now You/your child/your friend can be a turtle anytime they want.

Don’t worry if after you spend half your day making this that no one wants to wear it. The next day they might insist that it be worn in the grocery store. 😉

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6 Responses to How to Make a Turtle Shell

  1. SimplySidney says:

    very cool!! I remember the day my oldest and I made the Moose and Zee from Nick Jr. Of course it wasn’t a ton of work, but they were loved for just a few minutes
    I’d still make them again for just those few minutes of fun
    Your turtle pack is very cute!!

  2. kitchentutor says:

    Very cool!! I love felt…

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