Put ’em to Work

January has been a looong month. We still have colds. Ugh!

With that said, we have also been a little more cooped up in the house than I would like. Keep a 3 yr old locked in the house for too many days in a row and he gets rowdy. When this happens, take the scissors out of his hand and give him a spray bottle of water.

No, I am not a stark raving lunatic, though it feels like that some days. Put the kid to work. Lay a towel on the ground next to a wall, or cabinet. Give him a wash cloth and let him go to town. Make sure to explain that they have to wipe the water away every time.

Have done this twice and now my kitchen cabinets look cleaner. Muahahahahahahaha, I might grow up to be an evil genius after all.

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One Response to Put ’em to Work

  1. miq says:

    Must. Remember. This.

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