Monkeying Around

There is a set of monkey bars at the park that we frequent. I often hold Jake’s legs while he goes across.

My back has been hurting recently, so I grabbed the bars and held on just to stretch out. Jake, of course, said “Mommy, you do the monkey bars.” So, I tried. I made it across, ok there are only 4 bars, but still it happened. I remember being at the park two years ago, and barely able to hold myself up. Hehe, I did monkey bars.

The downside is that the monkey bars feed into the play structure. That might not sound like a downside, until you consider the forward momentum you build while doing monkey bars. I am now sporting a nice line bruise on my thigh. Eh, it was worth it!

On a side note: I am working on my giveaway. Part one is complete, part two has yet to be started. The winner James from decided that the mystery item will be for her son. She asked what it was…hehe…it is a mystery!

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One Response to Monkeying Around

  1. Ya! you did the monkey bars! I have never been able to do them. Like, ever.

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