Monica Who?

Saturday I signed up for ThirtyFourandFabulous’ Monica’s Birthday Challenge

Basically, it is a 8 week weight loss challenge with weekly challenges. I took a photo of me on the scale and sent it over. I am one of 31 contestants! Holy crow!

This weekend my sister-in-law came out to visit and participate with my husband in the Tough Mudder So-Cal event. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. It is pretty intense. This event was 12 miles with over 20 obstacles. Some not so fun looking. Though I am not fit enough to run 12 miles let alone run it with obstacles, I was a little envious. It looked like a grueling but enjoyable event.

Back on topic! So, with company I ended up cooking more of my hubby and sister-in-laws favorites from their childhood. We also ate out a few times. Not so good. Weighed myself and I have gained 2 lbs since Saturday morning. I know weight can fluctuate, but I better get on it so I can win! Yes, I am crazy competitive! I WANNA WIN!!!

This week’s challenge is to get 30 min of activity every day. Saturday I walked all around watching the Tough Mudder event with the stroller, 30 min check. Sunday, we went to the San Diego Zoo, 30 min check. Today, I was going to attempt a run, but it is 48 degrees and raining outside. Going to try to work in a work-out while Nick naps.

So, start cheering for me, and yell at me if I tweet about eating unhealthy…lol

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4 Responses to Monica Who?

  1. Good for you! Good luck!

  2. Dacia says:

    Ha ha! That’s awesome! I love how pumped you are for the challenge! That’s exactly what I was hoping for 🙂

  3. Good luck, I found the “beach bum” workouts on Youtube, its good when you cant get out !

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