My new Foe

My new foe is my husband’s lawn mower.

Yes we both have our own mowers. Mine looks like this:

Photo from Home Depot

His looks more like this, though much less shiny:

Photo from Home Depot

His mower, aka Evil, was new to us about a year ago. It was old, but worked. The only downside, it was a bear to start. When I mow the lawn the kids are often outside with me so I go with the push mower that don’t fling things so far or fast.

On Tuesday our lawn was getting a bit out of control. I could almost lose a kid in there. So, I dragged Ole Evil out. I cranked, and cranked and cranked. Waited, primed, then cranked some more to no avail.

Being the self-sufficient woman that I am I turned to the internet to see what might be the problem. Did you know lawn mower spark plugs should be changed every year. Who knew. Well, not me. Also, the air filter should be cleaned.

The next day, $11 lighter, new spark plug and air filter in hand. I replaced both parts and again tried to crank it. I was convinced that my two new parts would do the trick. I was so proud of myself for not waiting until the weekend and having hubby fix it.

15 minutes later I have a bruise forming on my palm from trying to crank EVIL!!! In the end I used my trusty lawn mower. No cord to worry about pulling. Got a little workout pushing it through the tall grass.

In the end the lawn looks passable and I can see my children and dogs when they are outside. 😉

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3 Responses to My new Foe

  1. My mother had a lawn mower that hated her, as well. She had it to the repair shop about 5 times in one summer. And it always started perfectly for them. At the last visit, she picked it up and saw that they had painted a bulls-eye on the front so that she could use it for target practice. She bought a new mower.

    How well does YOUR mower work? I’m considering one for my house.

    • I really like it. It works every time, without fail. Even though the grass was super long it still cut it. Sure it was more work, but it worked. I was on the fence when we got it 4 yrs ago, but am so glad now. I am usually the one who mows the yard and that is the mower I use.

  2. You are super mom. I’m so not telling my husband about this post, since I don’t mow our lawn. Actually I have never mowed a lawn, not even growing up. My dad is pretty passionate about his mower, it’s a beast. Anyways, good for you!!

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