I Don’t Wanna

Ever have one of those days? Mine is today.

Yesterday, I worked hard all day and did quite a lot of spring cleaning, a whole two weeks early! Today, I am exhausted.

The boys had a play group to go to at a “museum.” I am using quotation marks, because once we got there it was basically a large room, with a pirate ship, and a couple different play areas. When I think museum, I think displays with facts, possibly some sort of new information to learn, maybe a giant skeleton, or stuffed creature.

Ah well, the kids had fun. My favorite was the station with extremely loud musical instruments, that echoed throughout the room.

I just got a text from my husband, who wants us to all go do some volunteer work tonight.

Is it bedtime yet?

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One Response to I Don’t Wanna

  1. Spring cleaning, I so need to do some of that!! When we were in Florida we went to a place called the Dinosaur store. It was a store in front and a museum in back. The museum was this crazy collection of video games mixed with science, excavation play areas and a pirate ride (INSIDE, it was easily a 20-seater and it went up and down and in circles). There was also a room with alligators of all sizes, snakes and a huge turtle. It was the strangest collection of stuff, but the kids LOVED it!

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