Kids are fickle. It is the way it should be. A decision a 3 year old makes should not have lasting impact on his life. Kids change their minds, a lot. I’m ok with that. I understand, most of the time.

This morning I was awoken by a whiny 3 yr old at 4:30 am pleading me to get out of bed. I am sick, so was unhappy about this. Unfortunately, the kids never want Daddy when they wake up before dawn.

Thank goodness for 24 hour preschool channels. I grabbed the remote, a stack of tissues and flopped on the couch in hopes of falling asleep. About 5 am I got a request for a Mickey Mouse pancake. I bargained down to a glass of milk at that moment and pancakes after the sun came up.

6:15 rolls around. “Mommy, the sun is up!!!!!!” Ok, pancakes it is. Now he wants a knife shaped pancake. Once it was cooked and plated, he was not happy. There was no serrated edge.

Here we are 30 minutes after his pancake was made and it is only half eaten. Oh, did I mention that they are chocolate chip pancakes. Who can resist a “knife” chocolate chip pancake?


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3 Responses to Fickle

  1. I feel your pain. Fortunately, Squish’s allegiance shifts from time to time, so I have a 50% chance of being the chosen parent.

  2. I’m giggling now, but I have so been there

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