Do you ever double-check a recipe while cooking, because something just doesn’t seem right?

Last weekend, we were going to have biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast or what Jake calls “Biscuits and Graby”

We didn’t have any store bought biscuits in a tube, so I ventured to make some from scratch. My previous attempts at biscuits were not successful. So, this time I searched online for a new recipe. I came across Paula Deen’s recipe. Now if anyone knows biscuits, it has to be her.

The recipe calls for 8 TBS of butter. EIGHT!! Also, a whole Tablespoon of salt. Wait, that can’t be right. No, yes it says TBS. Ok…

20 minutes later…These don’t taste right….Damn! TSP, teaspoon, tea-spoon!!!!

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8 Responses to Salt

  1. But you had the butter part right. An entire stick. My kids ask “Can I have butter on my biscuit!” Oh, kid. If you only knew what’s IN it!

  2. kitchentutor says:

    Oh no!! There’s really no way of redeeming them after they’ve been baked! Shoot!

  3. biscuits and sausage gravy is one of my favorite things!! yum!! I have never tempted to make it myself- partly b/c then I would eat it so much more often. A pound of butter, oh boy, they would have been so good, guess the healthy gods were looking out for you 😉
    have you tried again since? have you ever come across a healthier verion? that might just take all the fun out of it though

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