Too Much Nature?

I really enjoy the outdoors. I find that days when the boys and I spend some time outside tend to go better.

A few weeks ago, we got a notice on our front door. It was a warning about coyotes. They had been seen around the neighborhood. Don’t leave your pet food outside, don’t put your trash out too early.

I live near a canyon that has lots of critters in it. Coyotes can be heard in parts of my neighborhood. There have been rattlesnakes, and lots and lots of rabbits.

The week we got the notice, hubby was working late and came home after midnight. He saw a coyote down the road. This morning, just before I walked out to grab my Sunday paper, I saw a dog. Lots of families with pets around, so a loose dog from time to time is no big news. Except, it wasn’t a dog, it was a coyote. I stood at Nick’s window for a few minutes watching this wild animal walk up and down my street, trying to decide which way to go. It was almost 9 am.

I waited to get the paper.


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2 Responses to Too Much Nature?

  1. kitchentutor says:

    OH my! Our wildlife is pretty harmless around here. Squirrels do kinda freak me out though…

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