Lock or Not

As a parent you hear warnings all the time. What to and not to feed your child. What type of safety equipment to use. Keep your kids out of the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room. It all sounds great, until you have kids. I have a problem.

I have a potty trained 3-year-old (Hallelujah!) and an extremely curious 1-year-old who follows his big brother around like a lost puppy.

Jake is 3 and I am so happy that he is using the bathroom consistently. We can even leave the house for short trips without accidents. 😀 Again, he is 3. He doesn’t always flush (kitchen tutor, I’m thinking of your comment from a while ago) or shut the bathroom door. The not flushing isn’t what gets me, it is the not closing the door.

Without fail, Nick will follow Jake to the bathroom. Really, it is a pretty cool room. The tub is there and you get to splash and play with toys. The toilet is there and you get to splash and play with toys….wait…Eww!

I can’t put a lock on the door, or the toilet. I just have to listen. Folding laundry, washing dishes, trying to shower, whenever. If I hear that bathroom light and fan turn on I am running to the bathroom.

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3 Responses to Lock or Not

  1. Oh, how frustrating!

  2. kitchentutor says:

    Ah!!! What a phase of life we are in 🙂 I heard my 2 oldest laughing hysterically downstairs and for a moment thought “Oh, how special, they are getting along so well”. Then I hollered down to ask what was so funny. “Max is throwing a bunch of stuff in the toilet to see if it floats!”… *sigh*

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