I’ve been a mother for 3 1/2 years. Over the course, I have googled lots of things. Things about feeding, sleeping, cleaning. All sorts of advice on how to do this or that.

Recipes, so very many recipes. The internet is great! Today I got to google a new one: “How to get sugar out of a carpet”

No pertinent results…

You mean to tell me that my kid is the only one who sees a container with almost 5 lbs of sugar on the counter, takes it to his room and spreads it all over the floor. Then proceeds to play in it and run trucks through it, pour it on clean clothes and books.

I was thinking how nice it was that he was playing quietly in his room while brother napped.

I vacuumed, and will have to do so again. Sugar just wants to stay in there. At least he didn’t eat it…

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