On My Nightstand 5.4

So, it has been a while for posts, but even longer since I blogged about what I was reading. Life has been busy in my house. Somehow I have still packed in a bit of reading.

Last I left you I was just about to read Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History by Ben Mezrich. I did, it was interesting. If you are a bit of a space geek like me you will probably enjoy it. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of aerospace related things, the author tries to pump you up about it to get a better prospective of the main character.

After that I read Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning, the second book in the Fever Series. This one I read even faster than the first book in the series. So, I still occasionally think how ridiculous the plot line is, but I’ll be honest, I am really enjoying it. (3 commas in one sentence…might be pushing it). Go read the Fever Series.

Last week I finished the book The Tourist Trail by John Yunker.  I came across it accidentally. While perusing for my free monthly Kindle Prime book, I checked out the Non-Fiction section and found this one. It is certainly fiction, with some interesting facts about penguins and whales. It was another quick read, that I enjoyed. It had its sad parts with some animals, but still interesting.

This week I read Dawn Patrol by Don Winslow. It is about a surfer/Private Eye. A mystery novel set in lovely San Diego. It was neat to read a book set in the area I live. Between the “action” parts there is some San Diego history in there. Another quick summer read.

I got tipped off by Kindom of Chaos that Witch Way Bends by Olivia Hardin  was free from Amazon the other day. I actually had never heard of the author or book. I am such a sucker for free stuff that I immediately downloaded it. Sure, there are lots of free books out there, but a recommended freebie I jump on.

Ok, I might be easy to please with books. I have lost count on how many I have read, but am proud that so far I have read a free Kindle Prime book every month and a free for Kindle library book almost every month. I love to read. I might have to read something with more depth soon though. Having too much fun reading quick easy things.

I don’t talk about religion much, for me it is a personal thing, but I am thinking about reading some religious/faith books. Any suggestions?

Any suggesting for a more challenging read?

What is on your nightstand?

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4 Responses to On My Nightstand 5.4

  1. Latina Barbi says:

    I love The Almchemist! must read!

  2. the Jilb says:

    I’m going to check out that Fever series. Looks like something I would probably like.

    Right now I am reading Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson. A really good, spiritual read but it’s taking me forever because we’ve been so busy.

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