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Shhh…I’m hiding

Lately, we have been playing lots of hide and seek in our house. It has been lots of fun. While I count, Nick comes up to me and covers his face with his hands too. Then he excitedly follows me … Continue reading

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I’ve Hit a Wall

So, recently I have established that I am no longer able to brush my teeth while my kids are awake, less they crack every egg in the house. Yesterday I also found that peeing alone is forbidden. Didn’t have anyone … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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A few months ago I HAD to buy a new iPhone. An unnamed one year old took it upon himself to put my previous phone in the toilet. So, I nabbed the 4S with Siri. I showed Jake how fun … Continue reading

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When your 3 yr old brings you a cracked egg while you are in the bathroom, stop brushing your teeth. I don’t care if your mouth is sudsy, you should¬†immediately¬†go to the kitchen where said egg once resided. If you … Continue reading

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Bleary Eyed

Learned my lesson. Let sleeping babes lay. I check on the kids before I go to bed and re-cover them with their blankets. I must have checked on Nick at just the wrong moment, because I woke him up. I … Continue reading

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Lock or Not

As a parent you hear warnings all the time. What to and not to feed your child. What type of safety equipment to use. Keep your kids out of the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room. It all sounds great, until you … Continue reading

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