Mommy Wars

I saw this article earlier and wanted to share: End Mommy Wars!

It is a group of photos of mothers who have been raising their children differently.

I am 100% guilty of judging other women and their parenting/life choices. Who the heck am I? I also, am guilty of being embarrassed by some decisions I made because they are not mainstream.

Often, I am overwhelmed being a parent. Having been a parent for 4.5 years (I know, not that long!) I have been humbled. It is tough. My two wear me down. I think they have secret meetings when I am not around to schedule how they will alternate being awake some nights. Or, take turns being cranky thought the day. When those judge-y comments start to sprout in my mind, I try to remember that I am a hot mess most of the time.

So, fellow mother’s, women, well, anyone really, when you start thinking, “Why would she let her 2 yr old out of the house with mismatched shoes?” “She nursed him how long?” Try and remember that we are all human. (of course those don’t apply to me 😉 )

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