I have started running recently. It has been slow going, but I have a half marathon to train for. It isn’t until Dec. 1 so I have a little time.

The local police have put out a speed limit sign that also clocks your speed and flashes angrily at you if you are going to fast. I have past it twice while running with my jogging stroller.

The first time, I was a bit surprised that it clocked me at all. I was chugging along at 5 mph.  It was kind of fun to show up.

Yesterday, I was running again with  a stroller. As I was approaching the sign 22 mph flashed on the screen. I knew that it wasn’t me and just a car that I hadn’t heard approaching, but for a split second it was fun imagining me running a 2.72 minute mile. That would be a WORLD RECORD!!!

Then the car passed me and 6 mph popped up. I will take a 10 min mile with stroller in tow. 😀

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Mommy Wars

I saw this article earlier and wanted to share: End Mommy Wars!

It is a group of photos of mothers who have been raising their children differently.

I am 100% guilty of judging other women and their parenting/life choices. Who the heck am I? I also, am guilty of being embarrassed by some decisions I made because they are not mainstream.

Often, I am overwhelmed being a parent. Having been a parent for 4.5 years (I know, not that long!) I have been humbled. It is tough. My two wear me down. I think they have secret meetings when I am not around to schedule how they will alternate being awake some nights. Or, take turns being cranky thought the day. When those judge-y comments start to sprout in my mind, I try to remember that I am a hot mess most of the time.

So, fellow mother’s, women, well, anyone really, when you start thinking, “Why would she let her 2 yr old out of the house with mismatched shoes?” “She nursed him how long?” Try and remember that we are all human. (of course those don’t apply to me 😉 )

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So, long story short my cable, Internet, and home phone have all been out since Friday. Driving me nuts!

I guess I should take this as a nice break from being connected, but nope, I miss it.

On the upside, we have a bunch of DVDs and blu rays. Of course the kids only want to watch one movie. Rio.

If you haven’t seen it, it is cute. The music isn’t half bad. The kids dance around to it. It is very cute.

It was cuter four times ago. Now I am humming the songs…Rio, Rio.

Let’s Samba!

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I’m Baaack

Got to see a good friend of mine this weekend and she helped me remember how much I enjoyed blogging. 

So, here is a short and sweet Hello!

I’m back. My kids are still wonderful, and drive me “coocoo go crazy nuts.” Hubby is home from a deployment and we are all settling in to life as a family again. 

Happy Sunday! 

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On the upside, my 3 year old is curious. When we get a new toy, he often wonders if it will sink or float. He wants to know what everything is made of.

This morning, before coffee or breakfast, he tested two things:

Gravity and what breaks. As in, Will this glass bottle break? Will plastic break? Let me see by throwing a glass bottle on the tile floor. Cool, it did break! Why is Mom upset? Should I throw another one? Why did Mom take the bottle away from me?

As I type this and sip my coffee…oh glorious coffee… both kids are “cooking” a plastic stegosaurus in the printer.


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Electrical Wizard

We have moved and are doing well in our new house. There are a few little things that need to be taken care of. One of which was to change the pass-code for the garage door opener.

Of course, the battery was dead, and when I went to change it I ripped off the little 9V adapter. Ugh!

So after a trip to Radio Shack and a talk to a very helpful employee I was back in my driveway with a screwdriver.

I was able to strip some wire and attach a new 9V thing-a-magig. Then, here comes the wizard part…it worked! Success!!!

Fixing little things makes me feel so proud. It was easy, but I had never done anything like it before. 😀

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Shhh…I’m hiding

Lately, we have been playing lots of hide and seek in our house. It has been lots of fun.

While I count, Nick comes up to me and covers his face with his hands too. Then he excitedly follows me while I search for his brother.

During Jake’s turn, I can always hear him coming. He says, “Ha! Found you. Oh, you’re not there,” behind every chair and under every bed.

When he does finally spot me he often breaks down with the giggles as he comes to get me. Love it!

So, I might go hide for a little. Well, actually I am moving. So, I might post sporadically in the next few weeks as my internet is turned off and back on, while I pack and unpack.

I will try to post at least once a week. I’m sure I will be getting some great stories of silliness during this move. 😉

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