I’ve Hit a Wall

So, recently I have established that I am no longer able to brush my teeth while my kids are awake, less they crack every egg in the house. Yesterday I also found that peeing alone is forbidden.

Didn’t have anyone pounding on the door. Actually it was nice. I had 30 seconds all to myself.

Unfortunately, 30 seconds is all you need.

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Wordless Wednesday

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A few months ago I HAD to buy a new iPhone. An unnamed one year old took it upon himself to put my previous phone in the toilet. So, I nabbed the 4S with Siri.

I showed Jake how fun it was that I could ask Siri questions. “What is the weather like?” “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” Lofty things like that.

Yesterday the boys and I headed to the zoo while Daddy went to a dr. apt. After picking Daddy up we were telling him about the zoo and how cool it was. How the hippo was really moving, pictures for tomorrow :-).

So, as Daddy was trying to tell me about how his apt went I tried to distract Jake by letting him look at the hippo photos on my phone.

During a lull in our conversation we hear:

Jake: What color is our truck?

Siri: Who do you want me to call?

Jake: How are people?

Siri: ????


Siri: ???


Siri: I don’t understand.


We tried to get a video, but Jake noticed that we were filming and stopped. Hubby and I were trying so hard not to laugh out loud, I had tears streaming.

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On My Nightstand 5.4

So, it has been a while for posts, but even longer since I blogged about what I was reading. Life has been busy in my house. Somehow I have still packed in a bit of reading.

Last I left you I was just about to read¬†Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History by Ben Mezrich. I did, it was interesting. If you are a bit of a space geek like me you will probably enjoy it. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of aerospace related things, the author tries to pump you up about it to get a better prospective of the main character.

After that I read Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning, the second book in the Fever Series. This one I read even faster than the first book in the series. So, I still occasionally think how¬†ridiculous¬†the plot line is, but I’ll be honest, I am really enjoying it. (3 commas in one sentence…might be pushing it). Go read the Fever Series.

Last week I finished the book The Tourist Trail by John Yunker.  I came across it accidentally. While perusing for my free monthly Kindle Prime book, I checked out the Non-Fiction section and found this one. It is certainly fiction, with some interesting facts about penguins and whales. It was another quick read, that I enjoyed. It had its sad parts with some animals, but still interesting.

This week I read Dawn Patrol by Don Winslow. It is about a surfer/Private Eye. A mystery novel set in lovely San Diego. It was neat to read a book set in the area I live. Between the “action” parts there is some San Diego history in there. Another quick summer read.

I got tipped off by Kindom of Chaos that Witch Way Bends by Olivia Hardin  was free from Amazon the other day. I actually had never heard of the author or book. I am such a sucker for free stuff that I immediately downloaded it. Sure, there are lots of free books out there, but a recommended freebie I jump on.

Ok, I might be easy to please with books. I have lost count on how many I have read, but am proud that so far I have read a free Kindle Prime book every month and a free for Kindle library book almost every month. I love to read. I might have to read something with more depth soon though. Having too much fun reading quick easy things.

I don’t talk about religion much, for me it is a personal thing, but I am thinking about reading some religious/faith books. Any suggestions?

Any suggesting for a more challenging read?

What is on your nightstand?

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I’ve been a mother for 3 1/2 years. Over the course, I have googled lots of things. Things about feeding, sleeping, cleaning. All sorts of advice on how to do this or that.

Recipes, so very many recipes. The internet is great! Today I got to google a new one: “How to get sugar out of a carpet”


You mean to tell me that my kid is the only one who sees a container with almost 5 lbs of sugar on the counter, takes it to his room and spreads it all over the floor. Then proceeds to play in it and run trucks through it, pour it on clean clothes and books.

I was thinking how nice it was that he was playing quietly in his room while brother napped.

I vacuumed, and will have to do so again. Sugar just wants to stay in there. At least he didn’t eat it…

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When your 3 yr old brings you a cracked egg while you are in the bathroom, stop brushing your teeth. I don’t care if your mouth is sudsy, you should¬†immediately¬†go to the kitchen where said egg once resided.

If you dilly dally, and actually spit out toothpaste and rinse your mouth you will find that the 18 count carton of eggs your husband just brought home the night before will be completely gone.

You will be saying, thank goodness I used 4 eggs to make french toast for breakfast. I’m glad there is one egg that can still be cooked as you look at 13 eggs broken on your kitchen floor.

As you watch your 1 yr old and your 3 yr old delight in the squishy feeling eggs have on their toes, you will imagine steam is coming out of your ears like an old Looney Toones cartoon.

Luckily your kids will help pick up eggshells, unluckily egg is slippery and both your kids will fall in it and require immediate baths.

Later that day, hidden behind a rice cooker you will find a toy hammer that is covered in egg.

You will vow never to brush your teeth again… ūüėČ Or, leave the kitchen for that matter.

Sorry for the long absence. Egg-cited for my return? Oh, I couldn’t help myself.

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English Police

This one is for you ūüėČ

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