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I have started running recently. It has been slow going, but I have a half marathon to train for. It isn’t until Dec. 1 so I have a little time. The local police have put out a speed limit sign … Continue reading

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Mommy Wars

I saw this article earlier and wanted to share: End Mommy Wars! It is a group of photos of mothers who have been raising their children differently. I am 100% guilty of judging other women and their parenting/life choices. Who the … Continue reading

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So, long story short my cable, Internet, and home phone have all been out since Friday. Driving me nuts! I guess I should take this as a nice break from being connected, but nope, I miss it. On the upside, … Continue reading

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I’m Baaack

Got to see a good friend of mine this weekend and she helped me remember how much I enjoyed blogging.  So, here is a short and sweet Hello! I’m back. My kids are still wonderful, and drive me “coocoo go … Continue reading

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On the upside, my 3 year old is curious. When we get a new toy, he often wonders if it will sink or float. He wants to know what everything is made of. This morning, before coffee or breakfast, he … Continue reading

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Electrical Wizard

We have moved and are doing well in our new house. There are a few little things that need to be taken care of. One of which was to change the pass-code for the garage door opener. Of course, the battery was … Continue reading

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Shhh…I’m hiding

Lately, we have been playing lots of hide and seek in our house. It has been lots of fun. While I count, Nick comes up to me and covers his face with his hands too. Then he excitedly follows me … Continue reading

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