I have started running recently. It has been slow going, but I have a half marathon to train for. It isn’t until Dec. 1 so I have a little time.

The local police have put out a speed limit sign that also clocks your speed and flashes angrily at you if you are going to fast. I have past it twice while running with my jogging stroller.

The first time, I was a bit surprised that it clocked me at all. I was chugging along at 5 mph.  It was kind of fun to show up.

Yesterday, I was running again with  a stroller. As I was approaching the sign 22 mph flashed on the screen. I knew that it wasn’t me and just a car that I hadn’t heard approaching, but for a split second it was fun imagining me running a 2.72 minute mile. That would be a WORLD RECORD!!!

Then the car passed me and 6 mph popped up. I will take a 10 min mile with stroller in tow. 😀

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